Monday, December 29, 2008

Oregon -- Tahni Holt

Oregon – Tahni Holt
From 2001-2006 Tahni Holt worked under the moniker of Monster Squad. Since 2006 Tahni’s varied collaborations and solo performances have been housed under her own name. As a soloist and with her past company she has performed throughout the Western United States. Her work has been seen at On The Boards and Bumbershoot in Seattle and PICA’s International TBA Festival. As well as far off places in Idaho and Austin, TX. Tahni’s work continues to be supported through numerous grants and private donors and is a recipient of a 2007 Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. This past December she was Artist in Residence through SOWA and was a 2006 artist in residence at Caldera. Her work has been sponsored in one way or another by local Galleries, Colleges and cafes. One can experience her work in theaters, warehouses, loading docks, galleries, vacant store fronts, through ear phones and in inflatable icebergs/airplanes. In February 09 she will be in residence at PA-F in St. Elme, France with her good friend Elizabeth Ward. photo by Dan Sharp

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