Monday, December 29, 2008

California -- Jesse Hewit

California – Jesse Hewit
Jesse Hewit - Jesse's mom is a nurse and an activist and his dad is a teacher. He is a Brooklyn-based scholar/artist (NYU Tisch - ETW), who came to San Francisco in 2005 to study race and sex. He finished an M.A. in 2007, looking at the biopolitics of posturing our masculinites in public space. His culminating experience and thesis work came in the form of a dance septet that explored his study topics, as they were experienced by his cast of dancers. Since the academy, Jesse has danced in his own and others' work around the bay, been an editor on Sexual Research and Social Policy, the journal of the National Sexuality Resource Center, worked in various curatorial and administrative capacities for CounterPULSE ( <>), and now works with Dancers Group and CounterPULSE, as a facilitator of the 2nd Sundays series. He is, right now, interested in a red-winged monster/prophet who makes people uncomfortable and reifies certain damaging power structures. Jesse also can't refuse snacks or warmth.

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