Saturday, December 27, 2008

final preps, "una energia"

hello all
i'm gearing up to post all the participating artists' bios and pics by tomorrow night. i hope to also create an index of the ustream channels that many of the artists are doing live streams of foi through. i might not get that index up until the 30th. for the life of me i can't figure out how to insert multiple pictures within a blog post with the picture of the person next to their name. each time i try to insert a different picture they all end up at the top of the post. i may have to do individual posts per artist.

as i cut and pasted people's bios and pictures tonight i became a bit overwhelmed at the scope of the event. i think it's incredible that so many people are involved. this is such a new experience for me, creating this kind of action, where the participants don't necessarily know each other, but come together to engage in a single effort. it's doing something to me, knowing that all of these different people are getting ready to engage in foi... as my anticipation of the event grows, so too does my excitement about knowing that i will be moving with all of these other bodies. i had a great experience describing the action to my mother tonight.. i was telling her about how it's all of these folks doing it at once in the hopes of... and then she cut right in and said "una energia" -- an energy. she said this and waved her hands in the air in front of her making a circle. she got it right away that it was about reaching across space and time to engage in this group energetic creation and effort. there was something in the simplicity, force and quickness of her understanding that cut through my conceptual spaciness. yeah, it's as simple as that, mom. a group energy.

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