Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohio -- Lena Lauer

Ohio – Lena Lauer
Lena Lauer was born and raised in Lima, Ohio where she will be performing freedom of information 2008. In 2003 she graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, focusing on modern dance performance and choreography. Lena moved to Arizona to dance for the Tucson-based companies New Articulations Dance Theatre and O-T-O, an aerial dance company. While in Tucson she began training on the single point trapeze and silks. An international tour lead her to Quito, Ecuador where she lived for 18 months, training and performing with Arrebato and Frente de Danza Independiente. Lena’s dance interests include improvisation, contact improvisation, the aerial arts and emotionally-driven and athletic choreography. Lena is stoked to be performing with foi2008 and will be thinking of all of its participants throughout the show.

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