Monday, December 29, 2008

North Carolina -- Janice Lancaster

North Carolina – Janice Lancaster

Janice Lancaster will be participating in freedom of information 2008 at The Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center in downtown Asheville, North Carolina (56 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801). Janice is a Brooklyn based dance artist originally from Oxford, NC. She has had the pleasure of dancing as a guest soloist for Shen Wei Dance Arts, as well as dancing with Abby Chan, Satoshi Haga, Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group, and co-founding VIA Dance Collaborative. As a choreographer, she has received commissions through the 2007 Bessie Schönberg Choreographic Residency on the Yard in Martha’s Vineyard, the Hubbard Street 2 Dance Company of Chicago, the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, and many through VIA Dance Collaborative.

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