Sunday, November 23, 2008

Most recent list of participants!

I'm excited to say that more and more people are joining the action! We are up to 28 participants, which is totally incredible. Here is the latest list of folks:

Participating Artists thus far (as of 11/23/08)
Alaska – Kyli Kleven
Arizona – Aileen Mapes
California – Keith Hennessy
Colorado — Lily Brown-Johnson
Connecticut — David Dorfman
Florida – Heather Maloney
Georgia – Diana Crum
Hawaii – Brianna Skellie
Illinois – Marissa Perel
Iowa – Amanda Hamp
Kentucky – Ben Asriel
Maryland – Sharon Mansur
Massachusetts - Jesse Zaritt
Michigan – Amy Chevasse
Minnesota – Morgan Thorson
Montana – Harmony Wolfe
New Hampshire — Greg Holt
New Jersey – Joshua Bisset
New York – Miguel Gutierrez
North Carolina – Janice Lancaster
Ohio- Lena Lauer
Oregon – Tahni Holt
Pennsylvania – Jung-Eun Kim
Texas – Abby Crain
Vermont – Selene Colburn
Virginia – Zap McConnell
Washington – Tonya Lockyer
Washingon, D.C. - Maida Withers

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