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Friday, January 23, 2009

Artist Statement from Katherine Ferrier

Artist Statement:
I have never been an overtly political person, and certainly wouldn't consider myself to be a "political artist" whatever that means. I've always lived in the territory of "the personal IS political". This piece pushes me, and I have questioned my motives throughout this process. I finally came to an understanding, and while still pre-verbal, the beginnings of a way to articulate that understanding about why I am doing this. For me, doing this piece is a deep practice of compassion...maybe my own version of tonglen, though I can't claim that word, never having formally practiced in that tradition. An intentional going into the darkness, breathing in whatever I find there...breathing out peace. Over and over again. Sending that out to each of you, to all of us...the big us.

We move through this world, alternating between feeling utterly alone and intimately connected with all that is around us. We never know what will happen. If we're lucky and can remember to show up, we sometimes get to know what is happening now. I have always believed in this work we do. This crazy dancing/art making/creating business. Even when it seems like the most irrational or irrelevant thing in the context of our chaotic world, I believe in it. And I believe in the power of intention, the power of transformation, the potential and possibility for healing, connecting. I believe that what we do matters.

May we all know happiness and the source of happiness. May we all be free from suffering and the root of suffering. May we all know peace, here and now.

KF, Kansas City, 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Missouri-- Katherine Ferrier

Missouri – Katherine Ferrier

Katherine Ferrier is a dance artist/educator, poet and visual artist who has been improvising and making dances since the late ‘80s. She earned her BA in Dance and Women’s Studies from Middlebury College, and MFA in Dance and Performance from Sarah Lawrence College. A co-founder of The Architects, an improvisational quartet with a collaborative performance history spanning nearly 20 years, she is also the founder and Artistic Director of Immediate Theatre, an ensemble of movers, musicians, video and visual artists, lighting and set designers, collaborating together to create spontaneous dance theater works. Her choreography and improvised work have been performed throughout the US and abroad. After spending a year teaching and traveling throughout Russia and Finland, she moved to North Carolina in 2005, where she has been a guest artist at Meredith College, and created/directed the new dance program at Millbrook High School. Collaboration is a cornerstone of her work, and she thrives on the exciting alchemy of working with a variety of artists. Recent collaborators include: Pamela Vail, Christina Soriano, Jennifer Kayle, Lisa Gonzales, Courtney Greer, Sini Haapalinna (Finland), Cinzia Fiaschi (Italy) and Nina Gasteva/ Iguan Dance Theatre (Russia). and can tell you more about her work. Katherine is honored, humbled, terrified and grateful to be a part of FOI 2008.